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OFFER - Investors

We bring you the right investment solution and give you the opportunity to take a stake in the capital  of promising private companies in a changing and increasingly complex environment 


We put you in touch with trusted Asset Managers,  Real Estate & Private Equity firms offering you high-performance, innovative and diversifying investment solutions & funds, as well as promising private companies opening up their capital to investors

  • Experienced team & solid references

  • All asset classes & investment solutions, attractive investments in private companies 

  • Proven investment solutions selection process

  • Proven process for selecting unlisted companies opening their capital

  • Advantageous cost/time/opportunity ratio

  • Model in open architecture

  • Broad market vision

A robust and proven investment solutions selection process in 3 stages:

  • Quantitative analysis of strategies

  • Qualitative analysis of strategies

  • Due diligence of the asset manager

A selection process of private companies opening up their capital in 3 stages :

  • Introduction and search for opportunities

  • High level selection

  • Opportunity analysis

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